Petit cépage is above all a project

We want to offer you the best of sweat-shirts!


French embroidery

Petit Cépage is a young company that is committed!

First, it is committed to humanitarian, and especially to children in Madristara, Madagascar. It’s also committed to french wine producers. Finally, it’s committed to local economy, making french companys work.

It’s a little company (49 employees) from southwest of France that embroides the sweatshirts. Petit Cépage wants to promote french expertise.

Even if embroidery is more expensive than print, we want our company sticks to our values, and focus on quality and longevity.

High quality product

Petit Cépage works every day to offer you high quality products.

That’s why all our sweatshirts are made from durable raw materials: 85% organic cotton, 15% recycled polyester. It’s a thick fabrick designed to bring you comfort and warmth (300g/m²).

You can find all certifications in our shop online.

Help childen accross the world

Our goal is to help children in Mandristara (north-east Madagascar). We want to offer to all children for Mandristara’s literacy centre school supplies.
This centre welcome children from 6 to 16, and help them to learn basics as reading and writing.

Why Mandristara’s literacy centre ?

We are concerned about it.

One of us, Paul, lived 6 month in Mandristara, where he taught French to children of the centre. Even if he came back to France, he doesn’t want to stop the fight for education.

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Nelson Mandela

Help our French wine-growers

« Le meilleur vin n’est pas nécessairement le plus cher, mais celui qu’on partage. »

We can translate these lyrics of a famous french singer as “The best wine is not necessarily the most expensive, but it’s the one we share”. It’s exactly what Petit Cépage wants to preach!

Why local French wines?

Our wine-growers, who opted for quality, are driven by passion and willingness to share. This is enough positive elements for us: this reflects our own volition.

Support French wine-growers is a pride and a commitment for Petit Cépage.